We Are OddInstinct

OddInstinct.com is Nigeria's foremost Web Solutions firm providing web services to help companies move forward as we provide them with professional and technical support that their business needs as our slogan states, “Think.Create.Share.”

We Make Beautiful, Usable Websites and Interfaces

Our Process.

The 3 ideals of our development process


We employ our minds rationally and objectively in evaluating and dealing with our clients because we consider the possible growth of their business.


We evolve from our thoughts, as we as cause it to happen, bringing about the intention to design and develop what is suitable and at a possible low cost.


We create to share, our thoughts and creations are made live online making sure that our clients’ businesses have the best attention to grow.

Let Us Create A World – Class Website for You

We Teach. We Mentor. We Assist


This course is designed to develop your ability to use the basic Microsoft Office Applications. Learn how to create a documents from scratch, starting from text document, presentation slides, spreadsheets, etc.


This course will introduce and develop the student’s fundamental skills involved in creating a simple and great design. There is no limit to what you can create during and after course duration.


This course introduces the current basic and standard of web development and discusses upcoming versions. Students will learn the basics of web design and development. Website maintenance cycles and roles used in the cycles will be introduced. They will also be able to create, run and maintain web pages on a live web server. Best design practices will be introduced.

Learning with us is EASY, SIMPLE, REAL and CONVENIENT even on the GO!

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