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How to build an effective presence online

We know you’ve heard from different people, blogs, website, and social media of the importance of building your online presence, so we will like to give you a few pointers to get you started!

Create a website
This is your online ‘home’. Your website is how/where people will find you. It will be the first place they look at to check your business. Get one and make sure it looks clean and professional. Include information about your business, your products and services – and how people can contact you.

Start a blog
Blogging is one of the key forms of content marketing and connecting with people online. By providing free, valuable contents to your audience, you will/are building trust and set your business up as a thought leader.

Build an email list
Your email list will be an important tool in driving sales. By building relationships with potential customers through your emails, you will create an audience of warm leads who are much more likely to transact with you.

For more information on email lists, click here to download a Guide to B2B Email Marketing.

Be active on social media
Smart use of social media will allow you to extend your reach, provide great service to your customers and potential customers, strengthen your brand and make your business seem more human.

Manage your reputation
Increasing your presence online will also increase the online chatter about your brand. Make sure you stay on top of what people are saying about your business so that you can capitalize on the good and manage the bad.

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